Rickey Point Sail Club

RPSC 2013 Work Party included the Stevens County Sheriff's Dive Team, who staged a training exercise while inspecting buoy/anchor hardware. More soon...
The 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes have been filed in the appropriate page to the right:
30th Annual Spring Membership Meeting was held Sunday, April 14th at Northern Ales Brewery, Kettle Falls, WA.

Welcome two new officers on-board...
John Tyra as Vice Commodore. John had been serving in the position of Member Representative.
Jay Berube, long time member, ex Commodore, ex Port Captain was voted in as Member-at-large filling the spot John vacated. Please join in welcoming them as newly elected officers in your favorite sail club!
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2013 30th Annual Regatta - July 13th and 14th Check back at this site for upcoming information and registration forms.
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RPSC upgrades old buoy field marker buoy with new NO WAKE flashing light marker buoy.
"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." -William A. Ward

R.P.S.C. is an organization formed in 1984, dedicated to providing keelboat access, sailing education, sail boat events, and promoting boater safety on northern Lake Roosevelt in Washington State.
Behind Grand Coulee Dam in NE Washington, formed by the mighty Columbia River, is Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake. Roughly one hundred and forty miles long, with a surface area of 81,000 acres, reaching depths of over 400 feet, Lake Roosevelt is a large body of water. This is a relatively wild and diverse lake with hundreds of coves, miles of sandy beaches, spectacular scenery, and in the summer, relatively warm waters along more than 500 miles of indented shoreline. In some areas forest lands hide waterfalls, which plunge into the lake. Other shorelines are so desert-like, devoid of timber and in the summer hot, it’s like sailing in Baja.

Look to the north end of the lake, eastern shore, just south of the Colville River, near the town of Kettle Falls to find the Ricky Point Sail Club buoy field. The Rickey Point Sail Club, in cooperation with Lake Roosevelt National Park Service maintains a Community Access Point which is composed of a permitted lease for 30 mooring buoys; a dinghy/service dock and an unimproved parking area on adjacent NPS managed lands.Four of those buoys are for Public Sailboat Mooring with a free three day limit.

Our sail club is made up of approximately forty members and another thirty or so affiliates. We host several events annually with 2012 marking our 29th Regatta over the 2nd weekend of July. Watch this site for both highlights of past regattas and the upcoming 2012 schedule.

We have participated with the National Park Service for all of their annual Paddle Days and plan on doing so again this year, marking the 13th anniversary of this successful event. For more info:
Another of our annual events is our Cider-Fest Cruise in October to the historic town of Marcus, the host of the Cider Festival. For more info:

So, if you plan to sail Lake Roosevelt, on the upper Columbia River, contact us and we’ll share some of the local secret spots…
Fair Winds…
Foster Fanning
Commodore, RPSC

New to this site - the RPSC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and 2012 billing info are now located in printable form on the pages to the right. Know someone who wants to join? Direct them here for an application.
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Want to view some of our fleet on the Cruising World Community Site? Follow this link; http://forums.cruisingworld.com/photos/showgallery.php?cat=565

Here's a link to a short video from Foster & Catherine shot entirely on Lake Roosevelt...

Below is a link to Adam Wharf's saga of DAVEY JONES REVENGE

To see the Rickey Point Sail Club buoy field during the July 12, 2010  wind storm click to start the video below.

P.O. Box 1179
Kettle Falls, Washington, 99141


COMMODORE – J. Foster Fanning duties include RPSC representative to NPS, general business administrator, newsletter editor. Contact 509.779.4766 fanning@rcabletv.com


VICE COMMODORE – John Tyra, director of annual regatta, public relations, assists Commodore.

PORT CAPTAIN – Gabriel Cruden in charge of all aspects of buoy field, keeper of the waiting list.

SECRETARY – Catherine Brown manages all RPSC official correspondence, in charge of meeting minutes.



TREASURER – William Emily, receives, accounts for and manages fiscal affairs of RPSC.


MEMBERSHIP ADVISOR – Jay Berube, provides consultation to board of directors, chairs nomination committee, represents membership issues to the board of directors.