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John T., Bill E. and I spent a good 5 hours on Tuesday in the buoy field replacing chain, hardware and even some buoys and we're going to be at it again on Wednesday, April 20 at 8 a.m. and would be grateful for assistance from anyone who can make it out. (Thanks Adam W. for stopping by and hauling some heavy chain and George H. for the aerial entertainment.) Bring rubber boots, gloves, pliers and wire cutters (if you want). Our official work party, which will include a number of other buoy field, dock and parking area chores, is still set for Sunday, May 1 at 1 p.m. Let me know if you have any questions and if you think you can make it to either event. 
Gabriel, RPSC Port Captain
Main Work Party:
Noon, Sunday, May 1st
* * *

2016 Annual Membership Meeting:
Sunday, March 20th 1300:hours Officers Meeting / 1500:hours General Membership Meeting

"Come hungry and thirsty!" Commodore J. Hill

 Nominating Committee seeks nominations from General Membership for the positions of Commodore, Port Captain and Secretary.
Commodore Hill appointed a 2016 nominating commit to address upcoming elections of three boards positions. Appointed were Retired (& Roving) Commodore J. Foster Fanning, George Howard and Jay Berube.

If you are a voting member of R.P.S.C. and would like to make a nomination for any other voting member of the club for any of the three offices listed above contact J. Foster Fanning at fanning@rcabletv.com

* * *

2015 1st Work Party:

Rickey Point Sailing Club held their annual Spring Clean-up/Maintenance Day Sunday, April 26th at Rickey Point off Highway 25 across from Crandall Orchards. Under the direction of current Port Captain Gabriel Cruden, dock improvements were analyzed and it got a new coat of stain by Adam Wharf and George Howard.  Boat buoys were inspected and tended to by John Tyra and wife. A general scouring of the beach and brush by Brian Golphenee, past Commodore, and his wife and children, produced a couple bags of trash but it was noted that there was very little this year. Janet Hill took to the task of trimming limbs in the parking and picnicking areas. Long time members Joe Petreculli, Don Worley (past Commodore), Logan Aldous-Worley, John Hill, current Commodore, George Howard, Joel Green and Fred Perry were all on hand to advise and help in all the spring tasks.  2014 General Membership Meeting at Northern Ales was staged Sunday March 31st at 1500:hours
Guest Speaker was Andy Dunau of the Lake Roosevelt Forum.
Official minutes of the meeting will be posted soon to the right in the pages.
As planned Foster and Catherine resigned respectively from the offices of commodore and secretary which they've both served for nearly a decade.
Please give a warm welcome and your support to our two newest officers

The RPSC General Membership meeting was followed by an informative and entertaining slide show from Michael and Catharine Whitby featuring sailing the lower west coast of South America.
* * *

2014 RPSC resignations
At the 2014 Annual Membership meeting of the Rickey Point Sail Club in Kettle Falls, Washington, Catherine Brown and J. Foster Fanning, after a decade of service to their favorite sailing club, held their course and tendered their planned resignations, as secretary and commodore respectively, in preparation of retirement and pursuit of the cruising lifestyle. “It’s been a good decade of service and both Catherine and I feel as though we’ve gained as much as we’ve given,” Foster said, “but it’s time to move on. There’s new courses to chart.”
After a standing ovation honoring the service of this cruising couple the Rickey Point Sail Club membership bestowed the honorary titles of ‘Roving Commodore and Roving Secretary’ to Foster and Catherine. Look for their 30’ S2 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA and say hello if you’re sharing an anchorage.

31st Regatta...

2014 Buoyfield Assignment Map:

RPSC 2013 Work Party included the Stevens County Sheriff's Dive Team, who staged a training exercise while inspecting buoy/anchor hardware. More soon...
The 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes have been filed in the appropriate page to the right:
30th Annual Spring Membership Meeting was held Sunday, April 14th at Northern Ales Brewery, Kettle Falls, WA.

Welcome two new officers on-board...
John Tyra as Vice Commodore. John had been serving in the position of Member Representative.
Jay Berube, long time member, ex Commodore, ex Port Captain was voted in as Member-at-large filling the spot John vacated. Please join in welcoming them as newly elected officers in your favorite sail club!
* * *
2013 30th Annual Regatta - July 13th and 14th Check back at this site for upcoming information and registration forms.
* * *
RPSC upgrades old buoy field marker buoy with new NO WAKE flashing light marker buoy.
"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." -William A. Ward

June 25, 2012 in City

Columbia’s high flows helping dilute sewage spill

 The Spokesman-Review

High flows in the Columbia River helped dilute sewage spilled into Lake Roosevelt over the weekend from a British Columbia treatment plant, local health officials said.
Heavy rains overwhelmed a municipal treatment plant in Trail, B.C., causing river water to back up at a pump station. The spill was contained Saturday afternoon after about six to eight hours, said Bryan Teasdale, the plant’s operations manager.
Teasdale said he doesn’t yet know how many gallons of sewage entered the Columbia, but said the release was less than a March leak, when 1.15 million gallons of effluent flowed into the river.
An earlier estimate from the Washington Department of Ecology was 2.6 million gallons of sewage effluent. No solids were released. The treatment system serves the communities of Trail, Rossland and Warfield, B.C.
Some downstream residents in Northport, Wash., reported a sewage smell. The Tri-County Health District encouraged people who came into contact with river water to take precautions, including avoiding ingesting the water and washing their hands.
Cool temperatures limited the number of swimmers in Lake Roosevelt last weekend, but plenty of anglers were on the river for a walleye tournament, said Matt Schanz, the district’s environmental health director.
Flows in the Columbia were running at 281,000 cubic feet per second at the international border. “The dilution factor is enormous, which helps the situation,” Schanz said. Sunlight also helps break down the pathogens from the sewage effluent that could cause sickness, he said.
But he urged people recreating in the area to take precautions for a few more days.
* * * 

During spring launch of GILLYFOYLE and AQUILA a series of thunder cells hampered the progress and made for a long day. It was near evening when the last of the squalls broke and I caught this image of GILLYFOYLE motoring south to Rickey Point Sail Club buoy field.

05/21/2012 An update Notice from COLUMBIA NAVIGATION
Just a quick update.  The log booms at the Kettle River have been repaired for now.  Some debris from the last event continues to wash over/under the booms and into FDR.  The temp boom mentioned in the original notice below was installed yesterday 5/21and will be in place for a month or so until the lake levels rise.  As debris is caught in this boom it will be transported to a temporary storage site just below Haag's Cove in the mouth of Roper Creek.  The storage boom will lay against the north shoreline and will be well out of the main traffic channel. 
If you have any questions or need any clarifications feel free to respond or call me anytime at 509-680-4335.  Have a good week.  Eric Weatherman, Columbia Navigation Inc., 509-680-4335 EricW@centurytel.net

04/28/2012 Notice from COLUMBIA NAVIGATION
Well folks, it's that time of year a little early.  The debris catch boom at the Kettle River broke today under the extreme currents.  The debris flow from the Kettle seems to have peaked for now, but more is no doubt on the way as the weather warms up.
Columbia Navigation will install the temporary boom detailed in the attached "Warning" early next week and installation and placement should be complete by the end of the day on Wednesday May 3.
Please feel free to pass this information on as needed.
Thank You.
Eric Weatherman, Columbia Navigation Inc., 509-680-4335 EricW@centurytel.net

Here's what you'll see this year when sailing onto the Rickey Point Sail Club buoyfield starting this year. We are replacing the old faithful tire-buoy light with this newer, heavy duty field marker buoy thanks in no small part to William Emily.

The 2012 Spring Meeting went over well thanks to all of you who were able to attend. Special thanks to Ken Hyde of the Lake Roosevelt National Recreational Area (NPS) for joining us. Ken is a wealth of information and we look forward to working with him in the future.
The 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes along with the updated RPSC By-Laws can be found within the pages to the right.
A BIG welcome to our new Officers; George Howard was voted in as Vice Commodore and John Tyra as Member-at-Large.  George will be in-charge of our 29th Regatta (see below)...

2012 29th Annual Regatta - July 14th and 15th Check Back at this site for upcoming information and registration forms.
* * * 
2011 RPSC 2nd Page News Archive:

March 13th, 2011 ~ It is with a sad heart that we bid one of our most adventurous members farewell. 
Dan Kilgore, a member in good standing of the Rickey Point Sailing Club, a stout sailor and a man of many talents has passed away. Here is a link to his obituary... In Memory of Daniel Ira Kilgore
* * *
The February 2011 R.P.S.C.Newsletter has been published and is located to the right in the NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE Page:
For photos of our 27th Annual (2010) Regatta see Regatta Page to the right...

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