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2017 Marks the 34th Annual Rickey Point Sail Club Regatta!
July 15th and 16th
Check back soon for further details...
Image from our 33rd regatta below:

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Rickey Point Sail Club
34nd Annual Lake Roosevelt Regatta
JULY 14, 15 and 16
Registration Form, P.O. Box 1179, Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Name (Print):     ___________________________________________________________
                              First,                                                   Last,                                               MI

Address:              ___________________________________________________________
                              Mailing                                              City                                      State     Zip
Phone:  ______________________  Email:  _____________________________________

(The Committee Boat requires all the following information for handicapping the race)
Boat Manufacture:         ________________________      Boat Name  __________________________
Length:  __________    Hull Color:  __________    Sail Numbers:  __________

Vessel Registration Number (On the Bow):  _________________________

What sail will you be using?

Spinnaker __________     Type __________     Working Jib  __________    Genoa (size) %:  __________

COST Vessel, Meals and Shirts
In order to reduce expenses and excessive shirts, RPSC is requesting members to preorder their shirts before the Regatta.  The more shirts we order the bigger discount RPSC receives.  Final payment is required during the regatta weekend.  I you chose to order shirts after June 22, 2015 you will have to pay ________ per shirt and on time delivery is not guaranteed. 
Vessel X $25
Meals x $15
XXL x $12
XL x $12
L x$12
M x $12
S x $12

Grand Total (Make Checks Payable to RPSC)      $______________
If you have any questions please contact
Treasurer Bill Emily
Deadline for preorders is

Regatta Schedule:
Note – All Times may be adjusted due to wind conditions.
Friday, July 14.
1900 hours:         Pre-Race Skipper’s Meeting at Joel Greene’s, on Rickey Canyon Road.  Turn left at the second driveway.  Air Stream Trailer.

Discussion Item:  Start Time for Saturday Races and Committee Boat signals.
Sunday’s French Rocks race and time limit.
2000 hours:         Social Hour.  Keg will be available, otherwise BYOB
Saturday, July 15.
0800 hours:       Staging of RACE 1 (Pending outcome of skipper’s meeting discussion on start time).
Plan to get in three or more races on Saturday.
2nd race will start as soon as we can after the 1st race is completed.
3rd race will start as soon as we can after the 2nd race is completed.
Other races to follow if interest and winds allow.
1200 hours:         Raft up or Shore
After lunch additional races possible if winds and interest prevail.
1700 hours:         Happy Hour at Joel Greene’s, on Rickey Canyon Road.  Turn left at the second driveway.  Air Stream Trailer.  Dinner to start at 1800 (6:00 PM) from Northern Ales.
Sunday, July 16.
0800 hours:         Staging of FRENCH ROCKS RACE (5 hour limit).
400 hours (2:00 PM) – AWARDS, PRIZES and LIES.  Northern Ales Brewery.  First drink is on the Club.

I ________________________, skipper of the yacht _________________ certify for myself, crew and others who may be part of my afloat or ashore party that I / we will hold the Richey Point Sailing Club, National Park Service and all persons related to the organizations or sponsors, advertisement or condition of this regatta, including those paid or volunteering, blameless for all accidents or incidents, whether ashore or afloat, which may be caused by myself, crew, family, assistants or by any others.  Should I be unwilling to sign this disclaimer of responsibility, I understand that the fees paid will be refunded and I will not be able to participate in this event. 

By signing this statement I agree to the conditions and to the full understanding of this disclaimer.
Signature:  _______________________________, Date:  __________________________

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Here's a basic primer on sailboat racing rules we hope that you are familiar with before our 2013 ~ 30th Annual July 13th and 14th Regatta

Boats on a port tack shall give way to boats on starboard tack (Rule 10).

When boats are on the same tack, the boat to windward shall keep clear of a leeward boat (Rule 11).

When boats are on the same tack, the boat that is astern shall keep clear of the boat ahead. (Rule 12).

When a boat is tacking (changing tack) it shall keep clear of boats that are not tacking Rule 13

27th Annual Regatta, July 10th and 11th, 2010...
We started off in light air, so I'll start this off in light air sailing. A grouping of the fleet on Saturday's triangle race.

Larry Ravencraft of S/V TRAEUMER did not race this regatta but he did take a number of very nice pictures. Here's one he forwarded me to share with the group. The starting mark of one race:

Lots of thanks to Bill for making VAGABOND available as the committee boat.

Larry Ravencraft captured this excellent image of a large portion of our fleet rounding the starting buoy in light air. Great composition of layered mountains, forested slope and a cluster of sailing vessels.
Here is an image from Catherine of the fleet off Sherman Creek Point.

Another of Catherine's photographs, this one of Joel Greene's sailing vessel GATCHUTCHA.
The wind picked up later in the morning and the race starts were more dynamic.

Catherine at the helm race 3. I think AQUILA placed 13th in this one, is that right Mr. Tyra?

Another Ravencraft photo here of the BRENDA J in her smart yellow dress.

Ravencrafts' sailed out on TRAEUMER to photograph the race. Some of their images will appear here when they forward them to me.

Catherine really managed to capture the light and mood in this pastel-like image of the sailing vessel SEA SPIRIT.

If we offered a prize for sailing with enthusiasm, not many contenders would come close to one of our resident pirates, Adam Wharf on DAVEY JONES REVENGE. Photo by Catherine Brown.

FIOL; ever notice how skillfully this swift vessel sails along? Another image by Catherine Brown.

Well no wonder we took 13th place. Every time we were in the company of DESERT FISH Fred was stealing our air as shown in this image caught by Larry Ravencraft.
Lets shift to our 27th Regatta day two French Rocks, 8 mile race. Once again we started out in light air and once again we finished the race with the winds building out of the south (I know Cathy wants me to note: they blew all afternoon and over night as well). Photo by Catherine Brown, AQUILA

Catherine really captured the dramatic light between the incoming frontal clouds, the green mountains, and the early, low angle sun on the sails...

R.P.S.C. member, Russ Doyle was shoreside and caught some good images of our regatta fleet sailing by during the Around French Rocks Race. Thanks for sharing Russ!

Image by Russ Doyle

Image by Russ Doyle

Image by Russ Doyle

Image by Russ Doyle

Double click on any image to see the larger version. Right click on the larger images to save to your computer.

Okay, there's more to come so check back later. I hope to post a number of photos from other members as they come available. So please send some along to me...