R.P.S.C. Meeting Minutes

* * *
General Membership Meeting:
Location: Northern Ales, Kettle Falls, WA

Commodore calls meeting to order: 1512: hours (3:12 pm), Sunday April 14, 2013

Officers: Commodore: J. Foster Fanning - Vice Commodore: George Howard - Port Captain: Gabriel Cruden - Treasurer: William Emily - Secretary: Catherine Brown - Member at Large: John Tyra

Membership: Adam Wharf, Tom Rose, John & Janice Hill, Fred & Joanna Perry, Don Worley, Jay & Janice Berube, Peter Tack, Don & Brenda Shirm, Teanna Star, Brian Golphenee, Michael & Catherine Whitby, Joel Greene, Joe Petrucelli, Gary Killings, Alan Hall,

Associates: Richard Hurst & Sarah Steiner, J.Massey, Rob Pottenger,
Guests: Lee Pardini, Patricia Karnay,

Commodore: Reviewed agenda and gave a general overview of meeting expectations.

Boater Safety and Education Table: Literature on boater safety and licensing, dvd’s on proper fitting of PFD’s, and an available child’s Coast Guard approved PFD from the Perry’s.

Minutes: John Hill motions to approve 3.25.2012 minutes as read by Secretary. Joel Greene 2nd - motion carries


Waiting list has been up to 16 persons and up to a 4 year wait period. Thank you Gabrielfor moving the waiting list along and for keeping the buoys full!

A new laws and new rules that may affect RPSC’s organization were brought to our attention by William Emily. Thank you William Emil

Spending Authority- Still a two party approval system, but two signatures are no longer needed.

Richard Hurst: how many buoys? 26in the water 30 total.

Treasurers Report:

Treasurer W. Emily would like RPSC members to fully understand how their money is managed.

12.31.2012 7284
Revenues 6269 (5k buoys) the rest from regatta
Sub total 13553
Expenses -6485
Ending Bal 7068

2012 Expense:
NPS 2945
Maint 1401
Regatta 1150
Insurance 94
Postal 44
Total Exp 6485
MWhitby: do we have a savings account separate from monies shown?
WEmily: This is the only savings account. This account and all activities are subject to audits.

501c(3) Organization:

WEmily explained the laws and rules regarding monies in excess of $10,000 being subject to IRS disclosures and taxes for the club. WEmily has proceeded to pre-load an accountant and the necessary documents to proceed with 501c(3) status should the club decide to proceed. WA State does recognize RPSC as a non profit. It is projected that we will be adding $2000 per year to our account which in 2 years will put us over the $10,000 limit.


Should we pursue this status?

Should the Board make the final decision or should the decision be brought back to the membership for discussion and approval?
JPetrucelli: Would like the board to make the decision….
TRose: Board to make the decision
MWhitby: Would making this decision change the bylaws and are there any down sides?
GCruden: The expenditure $650 for the filing fee
RPottenger: A benefit is that we can receive donation and it is a tax right off
JGreene: Do we need to donate money to other organization?
JFFanning: No profit being made by officers or members of the organization
BShirm: After the initial filing are there any additional fees ? No just filing requirements.
RPottenger: Every year for the first 5 years you need to file a report and then IRS approves

Pros and Cons: Fees to organize as a 501c(3) $650. Do not need to pay taxes on monies in account. Have to file at least every 3 years to maintain status. The RPSC can accept donations which are tax deductible.

Joel Greene motions to give the board authority to make the decision to file or not as a 501c3.

M.Whitbiy 2nd.
JPerry would like the motion to be contingent on keeping the membership informed.
DWorely: it sounds like we don’t really have a choice.
JFFanning: well we could do both, not and see what happens, pay taxes,
WEmily: it may affect our insurance positively and adds protection for the board and club members from personal liability.
JHill: like the motion but would like to amend that if one club member makes an objection then a special meeting to be called.
JGreene – would like to include that if objection is made by RPSC official correspondence or direct mail to the RPSC PO BOX then a special meeting will be called for clarification.

Motion: Business Process

Final Motion: The RPSC Board has authorization from the general membership to make the final decision to file or not as a 501c(3), as long as the club members are kept informed of the proceedings and no objection is lodged within 21 days of filing deadline, as stated by the RPSC Board, either by official correspondence or by mail to the RPSC PO BOX . If a formal objection is made then a special meeting of the general membership will be called for clarification and vote. This motion carries unanimously
Port Captain:
26 buoys in the water. NPS surveyed 4 new buoys for guests. Special signage has been made for them.
Colville Concrete and Les Schwab donated materials for the new buoys. Port Captain is currently working to place the new guest buoys. Port Captain is hoping to place the buoys at no cost but may have to contract the placement since the lake levels will not drop low enough for dry land placement. These buoys may have to be dropped from a vessel and that vessel may need to be contracted for liability reasons.
RPottenger: Can they be set with divers?
WEmily: No too heavy and though placement could be assisted liability is a concern.
TRose: Has put floats out before would like help if needed.
JFFanning: Our agreement with the NPS is that we will install and maintain as part of our contract.
Dworley: Would the NPS use their boat to help us place the buoys?
JFFanning: No, again liability is an issue. CAP also says that we will place and maintain signage. Colville Sign is currently working on the signage and should be done in the next couple of weeks. NPS has approved.
MWhitbiy: If the lake level is not lowered enough to inspect how do we maintain tackle.
GCruden: we are lucky enough to have members of the RPSC who are certified divers who will inspect underwater tackle
Work Party:
Work party as soon a lake level drops to the lowest level. Sunday April 28, 2013 from 1-4p.m.
· Inspection of all exposed hardware Stain dock
· Second float for ramp
· Looking at stabilizing main dock. Joe indicated that he has the side wings that were made for the dock.
Sign installation
Waiting List Members:
An updated waiting list will be posted on the website.
4 permanent assignments from waiting list hardship to be assigned
· CWhitby: How does the guest buoys work?
· GCruden: There is a three day limit.
· JTyra: Power and Sail?
· CWhitby: Does the buoy have a weight / length limit?
· GCruden: It should be obvious but we wouldn’t want houseboats on these buoys.
· JFFanning: We are a keel boat club; NPS has not made their expectation clear. Will seek clarification.
Club is responsible for tackle from ground to waterline. Above water is the buoy owner’s responsibility.
Two boats broke free in 2012. What is the RPSC liability? How may owners carry their own boat insurance?
A minimum standard for mooring is going to be incorporated in the Buoy Field Guidelines for 2013. Photographs taken in 2012 indicated that only approximately 50% of the vessels were moored properly.
· JBerube: We could have a work party and demonstrate proper mooring techniques. In addition, could the club buy line and set up thimbles?
· FPerry: club provide pennant?
· MWhitby: Club provided thimbles could become a liability because each vessel’s hardware is different
· JFFanning: Officer group working in conjunction with membership will develop a minimum standard for mooring line painters.
Membership Billing:
Secretary announces 2013 billing and encourages all to pay at their earliest convenience, but definitely by May 1st. A $25 service fee will be added to your billing if membership is not received by May 1st. SEE ATTACHED 2013 BILLING STATEMENT.
Regatta & Other Events:
30th Regatta July 13-14, 2013
  • RPSC Historical note: Dick Hurst has participated in all 29 past regattas
  • RPSC Historical note: there were 8 boats at the first regatta
  • This is the 30th Annual RPSC Regatta - Lets do something special
  •  Saturday night at Crandall’s $300 fee no food provide
  •  Live Music / Slideshow
  •  Friday night skippers meeting?
  •  Catering? Laurie Roberts : Saturday left over for evening. Vegetarian options
  • Porta Potty
  • Race Results
  • Anchor Award (Logan?)
  • Start times too early - Gary Killings: no wind…
  • Pirate award
Current Elections: 2013
Vice Commodore: (2013) George Howard resigning if anyone else will take the position. John Tyra is willing to stand for VC. In addition, John Hill would stand if needed.
Treasurer: William Emily (2013) is willing to stand for office again.
Member at Large: (2013) Vacated by John Tyra who is standing for VC. Jay Berube is willing to stand for this office.
Upcoming 2014
Commodore: JFFanning (2014)
Secretary: Catherine Brown (2014)
Port Captain: Gabriel Cruden (2014)
Motions: 2013 Election Officer Positions:
Vice Commodore – John Tyra (2015) JGreene motions / GKillings 2nd carries unanimously
Treasurer – William Emily (2015) JGreene motions / GCruden 2nd carries unanimously
Member at Large – Jay Berube (2015) JGreene motions / GCruden 2nd carries unanimously
Other Business:
Motion: Reading of Annual Meeting Minutes
Joel Greene motions that the minutes henceforth, which are circulated and posted online, are read individually by members prior to the membership meetings and that reading aloud be eliminated. AWharf 2nd carries unanimously
FYI: From the Commodore and Secretary: at the 2014 general membership meeting we will officially be stepping down from both offices. Those of you who may be interested in stepping into the vacated offices are encouraged to speak with us. We would be happy to begin the transfer of duties early.
Thank you to the crew of NORTHERN ALES for hosting the RPSC General Membership Meeting.
AWharf motions to adjourn at 4:59 p.m. GKillings 2nd carries unanimously
Respectfully Submitted 4.22.2013
By Catherine Brown
Rickey Point Sail Club Secretary


* * *
General Membership Meeting:* * *

Location: Barney’s Junction, Kettle Falls, WA

Commodore calls meeting to order: 1500: hours (3:11: pm), Sunday, March 25th, 2012


Officers: Commodore: J. Foster Fanning - Vice Commodore: Brian Golphenee - Port Captain: Gabriel Cruden - Treasurer: William Emily - Secretary: Catherine Brown - Member at Large: George Howard
Membership: Richard Hurst & Sarah Steiner, Bob & Becky Esvelt, Adam Wharf, John Tyra, Alan Hall, Tom & Melissa Rose, Susan & Robert Pasini representing David Roberts, John Hill, Fred & Joanna Perry, Don Worley, Janice Berube, Peter Tack, Brenda Shirm, Teanna Star, Gary Killings, Tyrone and Diane Bryant,

Guests: Ken Hyde, NPS; Larry Ravencraft, Steve Apple, Shelly Haynes

Commodore: Reviewed agenda and gave a general overview of meeting expectations.

Minutes: Bob Esvelt motions to approve 3.13.2011 minutes as read by Secretary. George Howard 2nd - motion carries

Ken Hyde - NPS – has been at LRNRA for two years, graduated from Chewelah, was at Lake Michigan prior to returning to Kettle Falls. NPS appreciates our involvement and commitment.

• Updates and Upgrades
  • parking and upgrades at Kettle Falls’ boat launch are in progress and NPS has some money to address the Kettle Falls swimming area
  • 1285 -1280 will be a projected operating level with more water being taken for Great Basin Project. Boat launches were out of commission for 3 weeks in 2011 due to low water. This is an issue the NPS is looking into.
  • Substantial amount of $ from Tech Kaminco because of sediment contaminations.
  • Crayfish inventory 2 or 3 non native species. Could be contaminated will be studying tissue samples.
  • Mussels – Pray that we don’t get them. They will change the entire eco system. Other thing coming to the lake Rock Snot, icky. Northern Pike.
Mellissa Rose - Strongly recommends that we have Ken back in the fall to give a special presentation on the mussels.
John Tyra – could we anchor racing buoys earlier in the year. Ken suggested an inquiring be sent to the office since he does not handle this type of request.

Miles Moore - Sail the Inland NW – did not show

Lake Roosevelt Forum:
Annual meeting April 15 -16, in Spokane. A scholarship is available. Does anyone want to attend?

Exchange Table: Don Worley initiated an exchange table. Larry Ravencraft also brought in a full all weather suit.

Treasurers Report:
First report WEmily has given as Treasurer. Had to close previous account and reopen a new account 3.15.2012 due to Homeland Security Regulations. Significant change – RPSC has historically been a two signature check system and now only one signature is need to sign checks. Discussion: Should this process be reviewed? The Officers Board concluded that email authorization from another account signer would be sufficient and would streamline the Treasurers duties. Emails will be forwarded to the Secretary for recordkeeping. WEmily will review account signature card at bank.

03.25.2012 Resolution to add Gabriel Cruden to Bank Account as Signatory:
Bob Esvelt motioned that Gabriel Cruden be added to the American West bank account signature card, Adam Wharf 2nd - motion carries

See attached Financial Review provided by WEmily. Treasurer will no longer scan checks for personal security reasons. Instead he will use a spiral bound receipt book. When the receipt book is full it will be given to the secretary for recordkeeping. Email updates will be provided to the officers group when membership dues are paid.

Membership Billing:
Secretary announces billing and encourages all to pay at their earliest convenience, but definitely by May 1st.

Port Captain:

Two hardships have already been reassigned in 2012.
Two additional hardships possible.
One seasonal – use for a waiting list member.

Work party as soon a lake level drops to the lowest level.

• Inspection of all exposed hardware
• Stain dock
• Corner roller buoys for dock
• Lighted buoy replacement WEmily updated on Lighted Buoy: Need to wait until lake level is lower in order to change hardware on light buoy. WEmily is unable to dive on the shackle system which needs to be replaced. Also noted that in the future this buoy needs to be on a maintenance schedule. Old buoy will be replaced with a Coast Guard approved marker buoy with no wake decals.
• Dock stenciling – move forward with: Public use dock 30 minute load and unload only. Pack it in Pack it out. No parking within 50 feet of dock.

WEmily - Upcoming Work Party – lighted buoy associated cost Commodore approve discretionary spending for the project via previous email correspondence. Requested a copy of the Corp of Engineers requirements and boat limitations document. Secretary will follow up with document request.

Waiting List Members:
An updated waiting list will be posted on the website.

Regatta & Other Events:
July 14 & 15

Brian is resigning as Vice Commodore after many years of serving our club. He offers to assist who ever assumes the VC position with regatta preparations. The RPSC would like to thank Brian for you commitment over the years organizing the regatta and as an officer of the RPSC.

Current Elections:

Commodore: JFoster Fanning willing to stand for office; nominated by GHoward & GKillings 2nd – motion carries (2014)

Vice Commodore: George Howard would stand for office; John Tyra would stand for office; John Hill nominates George Howard & John Tyra 2nd / George Howard nominates John Tyra & Catherine Brown 2nd. Call for vote GHoward-16 JTyra -1 (2013). Congratulations George Howard. WEmily wanted to express how valuable John Tyra is at determining race result.

Secretary: Catherine Brown is willing to stand for office nominated by GKillings & BeckyEsvelt 2nd - motion carries (2014)

Port Captain: Gabriel Cruden is willing to stand for office nominated by MRose and AWharf 2nd – motion carries (2013)

Member at Large: position vacated by George Howard who is the newly elected Vice Commodore - CBrown nominates John Tyra WEmily 2nd / WEmily nominates Adam Wharf JTyra 2nd. Call for vote JTyra-14 AWharf- 6. Congratulations John Tyra (2014)

Post election Officer Positions:

• Commodore – J Foster Fanning (2014)
• Vice Commodore – George Howard (2013)
• Secretary – Catherine Brown (2014)
• Port Captain – Gabriel Cruden (2013)
• Member at Large – John Tyra (2014)

Kettle Falls Bridge closure in 2012 – construction on 395 may impinge some sail club member’s access to the buoy field. JFFanning will provide website to get construction updates. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/News/2012/03/15_us395kfbridgedeck.htm.

Commodore: to NPS (Ken) the new floating sani can – Very nice, it has a holding tank pump out and it has a foot pump for lake water deck flush. Thanks.

By Law & Buoy Field Guidelines Committee:
This committee did not meet in 2011. However, the Commodore plans to follow up in 2012. Members of committee are Tom & Melissa Rose, William Emily, Foster Fanning.

Bylaw Amendments:

• Failure to pay any or all dues by May 1st will result in a $25 penalty fee. Failure to pay membership dues by June 1st will result in removal from waiting list. John Hill motioned to adopt into Bylaw, Bob Esvelt 2nd, motion carries.

• Member failure to pay all dues in a one year period will result in a revoke of RPSC membership and all benefits. John Hill motioned to adopt into Bylaw, John Tyra 2nd, motion carries

• Amended language in existing bylaws

Article II – Membership: Section I

As an initiation fee on being admitted to Club membership, a new member shall be assessed a yearly dues as follows:

1. Annual $25 per individual membership equals one vote.

2. A pro-rata share of costs incurred by the Club on behalf of the members, which shall include costs for:

 Buoy hardware, anchor hardware upgrades and maintenance fees (one time occurrence)

 Annual buoy fee (for buoy holders only)

 Annual insurance fee (for buoy holders only)

Article II – Membership: Section III

Application for membership in the Club shall be made by submitting a signed agreement to adhere to club By-Laws and BFG and payment of club dues. The membership application will be reviewed and if accepted the applicant will be installed as a club member at the next membership meeting.

Application for membership in the Club shall be made in the manner prescribed by the Membership Committee Officers Board as approved by the general membership and included in these by-laws. The membership application, in its approved form, shall contain an agreement to abide by the By-Laws of the Club. An application for membership shall be referred to the Membership Committee for recommendation. If the recommendation is for approval, the applicant shall then become a member of the Club upon payment of the required fees and installed at a membership meeting.
Tom Rose motions to adopt changes to bylaws and Bob Esvelt 2nd, motion carries.

Membership Input:

WEmily: 12 checks received for membership and buoys. 29th Regatta please fill the form out in its entirety for clarification on race results. Handicap info is needed prior to the race.

JTyra: Has some ideas about temporary numbers on vessels and more to come.

Foster: where is the commodore anchor – Logan Worely

Gary Killings: What does our insurance cover? The RPSC’s liability.

George Howard: An email went out asking if the club members had any special club activities or functions.

Tom Rose: New Burgee? New window stickers? George Howard makes them none in stock at this time.

Adjourn: GHoward motioned to adjourn GCruden 2nd, motion carries 5:06

Respectfully Submitted 3.25.2012
By Catherine Brown
Rickey Point Sail Club Secretary

2011 RPSC General Membership Meeting Minutes

RICKEY POINT SAIL CLUB General Membership Meeting:
Location: Del Sol Restaurant, Colville, WA

Commodore calls meeting to order: 1500: hours (3:00: pm), Sunday, March 13th, 2011
Officers: Commodore: J. Foster Fanning, Vice Commodore: Brian Golphenee, Port Captain: Jeff Packer, Treasurer: Larry Ravencraft, Secretary: Catherine Brown, Member at Large: George Howard Membership: Gordy Woods, Tom & Melissa Rose, Jay & Janice Berube, Joe Petrucelli, John Hill, Bob Esvelt, Don & Brenda Shirm, Gabriel & Gretchen Cruden, Peter Tack, William & Andrea Emily, Ed Eichost, David Roberts, Adam Wharf, Joann Hageman, Michael & Catharine Whitby, Fred & Joanna Perry, John Tyra, Teanna Starr Guests: John Edwards, NPS, Chris Lambert (with Adam Wharf), Richard & Sally Hurst, Scotty & Diana Hamper

As part of the introductions the Commodore took a few moments to frame the context of the meeting into the sets of Rickey Point Sailing Club responsibilities for both the Officers Board and the Membership. With twenty six buoys in the water ($300 each) and an active membership of just over forty persons ($5,200 annually) our sail club is growing. Appropriately managing that growth, and assuring the long term future of the club, plus meeting the membership needs and functioning as a non-profit business with over $14,000 of buoy field inventory assets requires good communication between the membership and voluntary officer’s board.

Reminder: The RPSC membership elected e-mail as the official form of communication with club members. If a member does not have e-mail or who requests copies of billing or other information to be mailed to them the secretary will do so.
Minutes: Bob Esvelt motions to approve 3.21.2010 minutes as read. Melissa Rose 2nd - motion carries
Lake Roosevelt Forum:
Don Shirm and Jay Berube – received a scholarship to attend

• Dam maintenance mandatory schedule – skipped 09 and 10 must bring lake down to 1265 for 8 weeks in 2011

• Fish Safety – sampling small, medium, large, fish for pesticides and other toxins, suckers with mercury Spokane River and lower Arsenic in upper arms.

• Black Sand Beach, Northport, Dallas Orchard, 8500 samples Kaminco is sampling and US is shadow sampling - Summer Island is on the cusp of having too much lead. BSB had cooper and zinc. Will be sampling for 5 more years.

• Zebra Mussels – Ken Hyde? From great lakes – Mussels natural predator’s gobees . These fish were also eating fish eggs. Must be pro active to keep the lake free of these noxious mussels.

Shoreline management 31 beaches from waterline up at three different levels, water quality, fish tissue sampling, etc. Gathering Data at this time; will compile data and may have results by the next forum.
Jay and Don both express how important it is for RPSC to stay plugged in at the forum and attend each year.

John Edwards NPS Representative: Deals with compliance issues.
Shoreline Management Plan is a 10 year plan focus on Alt. B of the plan. Visit website to review entire plan. If it shows up in the Compendium then it is active. Public Scoping is an ongoing and active part of the plan.

• Marina development at Crescent Bay. Campground, marina, store, fuel.
• More water being taken from the lake leaves many facilities that are high and dry.
• Condition of beaches: overcrowded, human waste,
• To work closely with other agencies to streamline fire control issues, camping fees, etc.
• Public access to shoreline. Shoreline camping from cars –
• Facilities, floating toilets, primitive boat launches and access, beach access, control of aquatic vegetation, capacities of facilities of Kettle Falls Boat Launch, illegal fires on beach.
• Recreational Use Permit System – apply for permit to go camping in different zones – to many people on the Spokane arm need to disperse people to other locations on the lake.
• Outreach and stewardship
• Beach fires year round
• New Buoy Fields – permitting old boat launch and letting locals use small access points
• Kettle River – create a new shoreline trail – Rail to Trail? – Barstow to Kamaloops
• Marcus Island – move swim dock make the area more user friendly and improve year round access
• Rickey Point to Bradbury possible to build a walking trail day use
• Fort Spokane boat launch parking increase
• Keller Ferry Marina expansion plan for west beach. Limited services 2011.

• Jay where will NPS relocate floating toilet? Gap between Daisy and Bradbury and add more floating toilet and shoreline vault toilets.
• Richard Hurst inquired about Summer Cabins Tuesday 15th, 5-7 public meeting. NPS Alt B allows cabins to remain with enhanced terms of agreement. Still must go thru the public comment period.
• Melissa Rose: Rail Trail contact info exchange to partner with other
• Jay Berube: Link www.nps.gov/laro jon_edwards@nps.gov
• Foster: Are there any other CAP? Rants, Corkscrew Canyon, putting a cap together. Are we your biggest, most organized CAP? Yes.
• Water will be down we need to survey the new guest buoy’s.
• John Edwards said we should send him a message regarding our requested buoys and he would look into it.

Treasurers Report: as of 12/31/2010
The membership of Rickey Point Sail Club recognizes the contributions Larry Ravencraft has brought to our organization: In the 28 year history of RPSC we know the club has grown. Larry did a good job of bringing our Treasurer’s position forward; developing auditable records, assuring a solid balance sheet and doing it all promptly and efficiently. Larry has created a series of documents that have us on board and can compare for each year of his term of service. These documents have become the foundation of the RPSC ability to manage the one waiting list and the finances of the club. Thank you Larry.

Membership Billing:
Ed Eichost and Peter Tack were given copies of the membership billing at this meeting.
We’ve been challenged as a board. We need boats on by July 15th. Communication both ways is very necessary.
Lloyd Humphrey’s will receive a certified letter indicating that his buoy will be reassigned in 2011. Commodore will review records and authorize letter.
3 Buoy holders did not put on in 2010. Port Captain was not notified and could not reassign buoys. Communications between buoy holders and Port Captain is necessary to manage buoy field and allow maximum usage/access to buoys by all members.


Port Captain:
Tentative date of April 16, 2011 for a buoy field work party. Check all lines and remove old dock.

• Dismantle remove hardware and dispose of.
• Dick Hurst suggested we advertise it for sale. Action Item needs follow-up.
• Jay will talk to John Crandall about providing coffee. Action Item needs follow-up.
• Signage at buoy field has been submitted but has not been approved by NPS. Action item Commodore will follow-up.
• Need to follow up with NPS to survey 4 guest buoys. Action Item Commodore will follow-up.

Jeff would like to ask the members to follow thru with communication, BFG, and By Laws.
RPSC expects all boats to be on by July 15th. Waiting list is moving.
Gabriel is the Port Captain’s assistant.
Only way to be placed on the Waiting List is to pay membership dues and the Port Captain will assign position on the Waiting List.
Tom Rose: Encourages the board to assure getting the people on the waiting list onto buoys that are not being used.

Hardships - waiting list member pays $175 for temporary buoy assignment.
If a member anticipates putting in a request for HARDSHIP let Port Captain know what is going to be happening with your buoy as soon as possible

• Health
• Out of Area
• Boat Repairs
Temporary buoy assignment: No cost to waiting list member. Buoy holder keeps buoy assignment but may not put on due to the same or other circumstances. For instance buoy holder may only be able to use the buoy in August.


• There appears to be membership consensus that a Waiting List member can refuse permanent assignment and hold their position on the Waiting List.
• The FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL will occur on or before the May 1st payment due date.
• If a member elects FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL and does not take a permanent buoy assignment by May 1st the buoy will be offered to the next member on the Waiting List.
• The process will at that time continue until a permanent assignment is secured.
• A Waiting List member offered a permanent buoy assignment can pay full dues and at that time request HARDSHIP.

The RPSC Board of Directors recognizes there maybe times when a buoy comes available for a short duration. The Port Captain is the only member authorized to assign the buoy to the next available member on the Waiting List.

RPSC members cannot assign their buoys to another member or non-member. Only the RPSC Port Captain can assign buoys.

Waiting List Members:

A minimum of two new buoy assignments will be available.
Next in line for permanent assignment is:

1. Killings
2. Wharf

Regatta and Other Events:

2010 regatta expense of new handicap software, and had race buoy maintenance temporarily pushed event into the red.

2011 Regatta 9th and 10th of July

Beer Woman!!! Joanna Perry (pending rafting trip)
Food -
Advertisement -
Pennants - yes,
T-shirts – yes
Committee Boat - William Emily
Sunday Dinner - yes
Skippers Meeting at Crandall’s

Pirate Event – Adam Wharf - after regatta races, squirt gun pirate battle, seamanship, Man Over Board,

Small Boat Events – Fred Perry - Rowing event, dingy regatta,

Summer Sailstice – Don Shirm - June 21st Tuesday

October Cruise –

Marcus Cider Fest –

Oct 23, 2011 General Membership Meeting Action item for Commodore

Current Elections:

Vice Commodore: Brian Golphenee nominated by M. Rose & Dick Hurst 2nd – motion carries

Treasurer: Larry Ravencraft has resigned. William Emily nominated by Adam Wharf & Jay Berube 2nd – motion carries

Membership Representative: George Howard nominated by Joe Petrucelli & Tom Rose 2nd – motion carries

Post election Officer Positions:

• Vice Commodore – Brian Golphenee
• Treasurer – William Emily
• Membership Representative – George Howard

Joe Petrucelli motioned that William Emily and John Foster Fanning to be added to the American West bank account and that Larry Ravencraft be removed from the account. Tom Rose 2nd - motion carries

By Law and; Buoy Field Guidelines Committee:

By Law Committee convened. Members of committee are Tom and; Melissa Rose, William Emily, Foster Fanning. Action item for Commodore to coordinate

Membership Input:

• Joe Petrucelli spoke with Dick Hurst about a mast raising system that could possibly be built on Hurst property? Dick agreed to look at the system.

• William Emily; as first item of duty as new RPSC Treasurer - May 1st is deadline for dues. If members have not paid by that time you will be hearing from Bill. Also working with Port Captain and outgoing Treasurer to transfer club information.

• Adam and William are both divers who are willing to assist if there are any problems with your buoys or if you have lost something.

• Catherine Whitby blog site is linked on RPSC website

• Gilleyfoyle blog John & Joann Hagemen is linked on RPSC website

• Ed Eichost – prize of wooden carved boat plaque - boat name more info to come soon.

Side Notes: Hurst has been to every regatta since the formation of the club (28 years) - Way to go Richard!

Adjourn 5:39

Secretary note: Fred Perry check #1425 paid for 2010 buoy held by Ed Eichost who claimed hardship in 2010. Reimbursement needs to be distributed to Ed Eichost.

Commodore note: Adam Wharf paid for 2010 buoy held by Brian Golphenee who claimed hardship in 2010 according to accounting records 6/30/2010. Reimbursement needs to be distributed to Brian Golphenee.

Respectfully Submitted 3.14.2011
By Catherine Brown
Rickey Point Sail Club Secretary

2010 RPSC General Membership Meeting Minutes

RICKEY POINT SAIL CLUB General Membership Meeting:

Location: Barneys Junction Restaurant & Lounge, North Room

Commodore calls meeting to order: 1500: hours (3:00: pm), Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Introductions: Officers: Commodore – J. Foster Fanning, Vice Commodore - Brian Golphenee, Port Captain - Jeff Packer, Treasurer -Larry Ravencraft, Secretary - Catherine Brown,

Membership: Tom & Melissa Rose, Joe Petrucelli, John Tyra, George and Teanna, Ed Eichost, John & ….. Hill, Bob and Becky Esvelt, Jay and Janice Berube, Don & Brenda Shirm, William Emily, Richard Hurst, Dan Kilgore, Gabriel Cruden,

Minutes: amend attendees to include John Tyra

Bob Esvelt moves Becky Esvelt 2nd motion to approve March 15, 2009 minutes. Motion Carries

Treasurer: See attached provide by Larry Ravencraft.

Current Balance $6,323.45
009 Report - Spent $3,743 overall
Income Club Dues 900
Buoy Field 4400
Regatta Income 1095
Expenses -882
Park Service -1800

Election of Officers:

• Commodore: Nominations of J. Foster Fanning by Jay Berube, Becky Esvelt 2nd. Carried & Elected.
• Port Captain: Nominations of Jeff Packer by George Howard & John Hill 2nd. Carried and Elected. Assistant, Gabriel Cruden & Gopher, Ed Eichost
• Secretary: Nominations of Catherine Brown by Joe Petrucelli & Gabriel Cruden 2nd. Carried & Elected.
• Membership Advisor: Carl Mattson has resigned. Remaining term of service – one year. Nominees: George Howard will fill the one year vacancy.
• 2010 Club Pirate Nomination male and female: Nominations of Claire Abeid by Jay Berube & John Hill 2nd . Nomination of Adam Wharf by Teanna Starr and John Tyra 2nd. Duties: General mayhem and public relations. Honorary not voting board members. Jay and Star will notify club pirates of their election.

Port Captain:

• Dock – RPSC Officers unanimously agreed to purchase a new wood frame dock from Deer Lake Docks. Cost $3,388.62.
• Guest Buoys - NPS may not be able to survey for the assigned (4) guest buoys.

Membership, Waiting List, Hardship Etcetera:

Dean Albertson is no longer holding a buoy.
Joe Malinovsky – not be here this year…..Jeff will find out if it is a Hardship year or if the buoy can be reassigned.
Dick Dunton – may be selling Inclination (buoy to be re-assigned?)
Fred Lee – ask to be removed from the waiting list

Buoy Field Fees: Hardship pays $25 membership. Person who is reassigned to hardship buoy pays $175. If assigned to a buoy cost for first year $300 and the following year is $200.
Empty buoys last year waitlist has first option. Some buoy sat empty all year (2009).

Work Party?
Membership Billing:

Non-payment of dues: If missed payment for one year, reminder to pay and removal to bottom of waiting list. (Needs to be amended into By-Laws 2011 meeting proposal)

Waiting list reminder. Indicate that if you do not pay then you will be removed from the waiting list. Length of time to make payment is no later than June 1st.

All dues:

• Treasurer – red flag (for secondary notice for non-payment. Did this happen?)
• Secretary – will send out notification
• Payment will be expected by June 1st

• Proposed By – Law Amendment if payment isn’t made by May 1st an additional administrative penalty will be imposed. Dollar amount to be determined (Proposed change to by-laws for 2011 membership meeting – Failure to pay any or all dues by May 1st will result in a $XX penalty fee. Failure to pay membership dues by June 1st will remove waiting.

2010 Regatta:

Brian Golpheene & Jay Berube will be the Regatta Chairmen.
Handicap Formula Committee: Tyra, Emily, Golpheene
Sign Up Sheet – Wind or Beer
Webpage - Regatta Signup Form
Prizes – everyone bring prizes
July 10-11, 2010
Bill Emily has the committee boat for the Regatta.
Don Shirm called for the non sailing boat – Sweet Pea Porta Potty.

NPS Update:

Good Faith Efforts, Ms. Bucannan, 5 year contract,
Info to NPS Vehicle Stickers: Make, Model, Year, on registration form for our records. TO DO add vehicles to Registration Form.

Membership Information:

Website on Blog page.

John Hill – Sanitary: Marina shuts down sanitary pumps for the winter. New procedure to call in 45 minutes ahead to pump out. Ask informally – on letter head. TO DO

2nd Annual Pirate Meeting May 1st at George and Teeanna’s

Cruising Slide Show: Jay Berube

Meeting Adjourned at 5:22