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This e-mail is follow-up and approval for the purchase of safety and maintenance items for the RPSC 12’ Hughes Craft maintenance vessel. As we spoke during yesterday’s work party when employing our boat, the following items are needed and, in some cases legally required.
Items to be purchased for RPSC maintenance skiff:

1.      Appropriate anchor and line. Please include an anchor storage container which can be stowed aboard ($50)

2.      Two adjustable lifejackets ($40 to $100 each)

3.      A wheel device for single person launching and retrieving of vessel ($50 to $200)
Registration of RPSC maintenance skiff:
Additionally we need to register our vessel with Washington State Department of Licensing (this task will need to include getting a title or bill of sale for the vessel, one of which should already be on-file). If no title is available we will need to locate the hull number and take a digital photo of that number. Then we need to provide a bill of sale. On our $800 purchase of the boat the sales tax will be $60+ and probably another $30 for the tabs. Lets budget $100.

Outboard Service:
I am also approving a full service of the outboard motor. The motor runs well but still could use an updated service. ($40 to $80)
Wheel System:
I will attach a couple of images of the wheel launch systems I found available:

·        The Davis system is nice in that it has 16” wheels which will make the shale and mud of our dock area more easily managed. The straps would take a bit more time when using. This system retails for $198.
·        The Garelick system has a better receiver for the vessel transom but with 7” wheels will be more difficult to maneuver thru the rock and mud. It sells for $68.

Catherine, please assure we have the skiff covered under our insurance program.
As a final item of business, please assure we have a full tank of fuel and a can of mix on hand (a little embarrassing to have to borrow fuel to accomplish our maintenance yesterday).
If we round up on the above items the approximate safety / regulatory / maintenance costs will come in around $530. While I am interested in saving money where appropriate I really do not want to cut corners in compliance, safety or quality of equipment.
Feedback, questions?

04/18/2013 Dive Team to work buoy field
Members of the Stevens County Sheriff's Dive Team have agreed to check the buoys that will remain submerged for the 2013 boating season on Sunday, 28 2013.  The Dive Team plan on making this a training event to include buoyancy control, basic skills and underwater navigation.  They will use a map of the buoy field with GPS coordinates.  This will assist divers with locating the buoy anchors while under water. 
* * *

04/18/2013 The Commodore has made contact with Crandall's Riverview Orchard and reserved the event facility for Saturday, July 13th for the 30th Regatta Gathering. At no additional cost Crandall's offered RPSC a venue for the Friday evening skippers meeting.

* * *
04/16/2013 Officers Board is moving forward with the purchase of the facility signs (which will be delivered later this week). Posts and mounting hardware will be purchased and the sign mounting project will be ready for the work party. Additionally Vice Commodore John Tyra has made arrangements to secure the NPS permit for the regatta. Commodore Foster Fanning made contact with Crandall's Riverview Orchard and secured the facility for Saturday, July 13 for the 30 Annual Regatta gathering.

04/15/2013 Commodore informs Officers Board that both dock sign and lakeside sign order has been places with Colville Sign. Also authorizes Port Captain to purchase treated post and hardware supplies for mounting sign boards.
* * *
05/25/12 Ongoing update of RPSC webpage by members of the officer board.

05/25/12 Port Captain informs Commodore that for the first time in any of the officers memory's we have everyone on the waiting list who was available to take a temporarily buoy assignment placed on a buoy for the 2012 season. Good work Gabriel!

05/23/12 On-going discussion regarding the configuration of the 2012 Regatta Races.
Vice Commodore Howard is working on updating the regatta registration form. Hope to have it posted on this website soon.

05/20/12 Small Craft Adviser magazine responds back to RPSC they will sponsor gifts for the 2012 29th Regatta.

05/20/12 Cruising World magazine responds back to RPSC they will sponsor gifts for the 2012 29th Regatta.

05/19/12 Commodore solicits donations for the annual regatta from a number of sources.

05/18/12 Member Adviser John Tyra meets with Ray DePuydt, archaeologist, Lake Roosevelt NRA and does a GPS waypoint location for new buoy anchor placement.

05/17/12 Port Captain working with Ray DePuydt, archaeologist with Lake Roosevelt NRA gets clearance from the archaeological survey for the placement of four PUBLIC SAILBOAT MOORING BUOYS.

05/11/12 Officer group closing discussion on RPSC window stickers, how to distribute (Secretary will mail to members).

05/10/12 Commodore and Port Captain working with Ken Hyde, Chief of Resources & Interpretation
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area get the ball rolling for the archaeological survey of the guest buoys.

05/09/12 William Emily, project manager for our marker/light buoy upgrade reports back to the Officer Board on the project costs and sends photos (see home page):

The total investment with this project is $382.46
033112    Check #1216    $34.97        William Emily                    Paint, Sealent & sanding sups
041112    Check #1217    $124.82      Colville Sign Company       Lettering
041112    Check #1218    $16.14        Tri Works, LLC                 Weld an eye to bottom
050912    Check #1222    $206.53      Tri Works, LLC                 Strobe light frame 

05/09/12 Commodore initiates contact with NPS after our workparty:
Hi Ken,
Hope your spring is going well. Certainly seems to be passing fast, especially as we watch Lake Roosevelt waters begin to fill in again.
Rickey Point Sail Club had a great membership work day at the RPSC C.A.P. this weekend past. Picked up a lot of public garbage, cleaned off the mooring floats, did some preventative maintenance on the ramp and access dock.
NPS officer Matt Phillipson stopped in and said hello. It was good to meet Matt, a new officer with the Kettle Falls District. We extended the welcome to him to stop in and visit with our members often when he sees us at the C.A.P.
Wondering if you've had the chance to follow up on a couple of items - one being time sensitive regarding the rising waters of the lake. There are the three four approved buoy anchor sites that need to be surveyed. RPSC is ready to move in these this year if the survey can be accomplished. Our plan is to dedicate these three as marked guest moorage buoys and eliminate the rotation of guest buoys based on our membership vacancies.
The 2nd item is signage. We'd certainly like to work with your sign shop to get the verbiage and criteria down for the dock sign and lakeside sign.  We have the budget to purchase the install the signs and I have included a draft image of the proposed signs in hope of moving this process along.
Look forward to hearing from you...
J. Foster Fanning
Commodore, Rickey Point Sail Club


COMMODORE – John Hill, duties include RPSC general business administrator and representative to NPS.

VICE COMMODORE – John Tyra director of annual regatta, public relations, assists Commodore.

PORT CAPTAIN – Gabriel Cruden in charge of all aspects of buoy field, keeper of the waiting list.

SECRETARY – Carrie Peck manages all RPSC official correspondence, in charge of meeting minutes.

TREASURER – William Emily, receives, accounts for and manages fiscal affairs of RPSC.

MEMBERSHIP ADVISOR – Jay Berube, provides consultation to board of directors, chairs nomination committee, represents membership issues to the board of directors.

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