RPSC Sponsors

The following are the major sponsors of the Rickey Point Sail Club. We urge our members and affiliates to work with these vendors and let them know you appreciate their support of your favorite sail club.

2015 Sponsors included, CRUISING WORLD Magazine. Want to take a moment and thank the folks at Cruising World for their generous regatta gift donations.

MEYERS FALLS MARKET located on Highway 395 in Kettle Falls is not only a RPSC regatta sponsor but a great place to provision for a day, a weekend or an extended cruise on Lake Roosevelt.


48* NORTH is another long time sponsor of our regatta. Several of our members have bought and sold boats via this great magazine. They are located at: http://www.48north.com/

Not only are the CRANDALL COFFEE ROASTERS a RPSC sponsor but their online page features a view from their deck looking down into our buoy field. Crandalls inter-net site is located at: http://www.crandallcoffee.com/

Not only is SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR one of our more recent sponsors, the 2008 issue featured here has a cover of a couple of RPSC vessels during the '08  25 Annual Regatta. SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR can be found at: http://smallcraftadvisor.com/

LOST FALLS BREWERY has been the staple served at RPSC Regattas for many years. Your Regatta Race fee gets you access to the keg. While I didn't find a website specifically for LOST FALLS BREWERY there are several that mention this fine micro brewery. One is at: http://www.pubcrawler.com/Template/ReviewWC.cfm/flat/BREWERID=105042

NW YACHTING is another long time sponsor of the Rickey Point Sail Club Regatta. A great NW magazine found on-line at: http://www.nwyachting.com/

This is LATITUDES and  ATTITUDES reborn:
sponsorship came back with a passion in 2010 and became our #1 biggest contributor in 2015! Check 'em out at the following address and thank them for sponsoring the Rickey Point Sail Club Regatta! They are located on the web at:


WAGGONER CRUISING GUIDE has been a long term supporter and sponsor of Rickey Point Sail Club. Select members of our club look forward to winning one of these handsome annual NW guides. You can find them on line at: http://www.waggonerguide.com/orderform.html

BLUE WATER SAILING has been an occasional sponsor. They don't come through each year but have done so often enough that we will carry them on our sponsor page for awhile. They are on the web at: http://www.bwsailing.com/


MAGNA VIS, the graphic arts and design company located just outside of Colville WA has been the art force behind our popular RPSC Regatta T-shirts for many years. Check out their page at: http://www.magna-vis.com/


COLVILLE CONCRETE CORP has been a long term RPSC supporter assisting with developing, building and setting buoy anchors in our buoy field for many years. Thanks guys! You can check them out and contact them at the following site: http://www.colvillevalleyconcrete.com/

Here is our older Regatta sponsor poster. Check back soon for the new version...